Friday, March 2, 2012

Green Tea Oreos ?!?!

First, I want to apologize to my readers for not updating my blog the last couple of months. It's been a busy time! My husband and I traveled to China and India for the holiday season and met interesting people, tasted great food, and saw wonderful sights. I plan to post pictures at some point.

While in China, I kept hearing about Green Tea Oreos. At every rest stop, I stopped into the local store hoping for a glimpse of these infamous Oreos. Finally, on my last day in China, I found a small box! Although pricey for a small box, it was worth the taste. The actual flavor of the Oreo is green tea mint ice cream. What a treat! My husband and I each tried one, and it tasted very similar to a regular Oreo, except there was a minty twist and a slight green tea flavor. And yes, the filling was green.

 The store also had numerous other flavors: original (of course), mix of raspberry and melon, and other fruit flavors. Perhaps the next time we visit China, we will try a different flavor! In the meantime, I think I'll stick to the regular Oreos...I think they are still my favorite!

Green Tea Oreos on the Dazzling Star Meter:

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