Monday, October 24, 2011

Food Reviews: Applesauce

This past Saturday, I ran 6 miles! My first time ever! In honor of this momentous occasion, I treated myself to homemade cookies, and I am providing a new food review!

GoGo Squeez

Ever had applesauce without a spoon? It was always a nice thought, but difficult to do. A friend introduced me to this product.  Since it was on sale at my local store, I purchased a pack to try myself. These fun green pouches allow you to squeeze applesauce into your mouth without ever using a spoon or needing a napkin! It is all natural, where the only ingredients are apples and apple juice. No added sugars is definitely a benefit and I think it tastes great and is super sweet. As an added bonus, one whole pouch is only 60 calories. What an easy way to get a fruit serving. Try the other flavors and let me know what you think!

Dazzling Star Meter:

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I spent Labor Day weekend in Boston visiting close friends and we took a day trip to Maine- my first time! The weather was beautiful, very scenic, and the seafood was outstanding. Who knew that a lobster roll could taste so good? Here are some of our many pictures- take some time and enjoy Maine for yourself! And remember....everything in moderation....

Beautiful Maine

Taking a stroll along the shore

Fish and Chips- The best we've had!

Lobster Roll!!

View of the coast from our restaurant

The seafood in Maine on the Dazzling Star Meter:

Friday, October 7, 2011

Training for a Half Marathon....sort of

Temperatures have finally cooled down outside, encouraging me to start exercising outdoors again. While my job offers a free gym membership onsite, I have failed to take full advantage of all of its features. Instead, I joined a free weekly running club. Who wouldn't want to be rewarded for exercising?

Each Tuesday, my husband, some friends, and I run one lap (3 miles) around the park. We log it into the system, and after 10 weekly runs, we receive a free workout shirt. In addition, the sponsor offers a free meal and drinks afterwards (while supplies last). While I haven't taken advantage of the free food, I just hit 10 runs this past Tuesday meaning I have run at least 3 miles every week for the last 10 weeks! It felt great and I can't wait to reach 20 runs, when I receive half off a much needed massage. 

My husband is an avid runner and will actually be running his 7th marathon this weekend in Chicago. While I was never as motivated to run such long distances, I was finally convinced to run a half marathon...actually, it's a 2 person relay. My sister and I will be splitting the half marathon distance in November, with the first person running 8 miles, while the second runs 5. The trick is to figure out who will run first. 

In the meantime, I have been running on a semi-daily basis. Worried that I may hurt myself, I researched information on proper workouts and came across this article in Runner's World. According to the author, 3 red flags or more may indicate a need to take a break. Looking at my own routine, my soreness and pain is still evident but has drastically been reduced since I started stretching before and after every run. My energy level is frequently down when I start running, but I figure it is because I'm not really in the mood. I also haven't been sleeping well- while I still feel rested, I do wake up in the middle of the night. While I don't think I fit every red flag, I do feel it is time for a break. Stay tuned as I work myself up to 8 miles.....

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