Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chocolate Covered Bananas

I initially started this blog to share my adventures in nutrition. However, lately I've decided I can add much more insight for readers. As a result, I decided to add a new topic to blog posts: food critiques. In an effort to be consistent  with all food reviews/critiques, I have created the "dazzling star" meter, with 5 starfruits being the best.

Ever since my experience in Malibu, I have wandered aimlessly through grocery store aisles looking for new foods to try and experiences to share. In a recent visit to the local organic grocery store, my husband and I visited the frozen foods aisle in hopes of finding a "healthy" ice cream or frozen treat. As my eyes scanned the packed shelves of frozen delicacies, I stopped when I saw this bright green box with a large picture of a chocolate covered banana:

My husband was equally interested and we purchased a (slightly pricey) box of chocolate covered bananas. We dove into this delectable treat after dinner and were pleasantly surprised. Each banana comes individually wrapped, and upon reading the box, I realized it was the same great treat that I had tried at the Taste of Chicago many years ago!

According to the nutrition facts label, each banana is 130 calories and 6 g of fat. The ones we bought were considered "babies" because it was only half a banana- a perfect serving size. In addition, we chose the heart healthy dark chocolate version (research has shown that dark chocolate contains flavonoids, which are good for the heart).

You may like to try out a box this summer as well. I hope you find it refreshing!

Dazzling Starfruit meter: 

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