Sunday, May 1, 2011

Treats at The Royal Wedding

Since November, when Prince William announced that he was engaged to Kate Middleton, I have been working on launching my own blog. Why not choose the weekend of the Royal Wedding to commemorate my first post?

Watching the wedding of a lifetime has made me envious of a "common" girl I will never meet. Her dress was beautiful. The wedding was something people around the world will never forget. She is living the dream that every girl fantasizes about: becoming a princess, and in Kate Middleton's case, the future Queen of England.

However, what I am most envious of is the food that was served at the Queen's lunch reception. According to the Royal Wedding website, the luncheon consisted of various hors d'œuvres that included seafood, gourmet cheeses, vegetables, fruits, and desserts (my weakness). The variety of choices would please almost any palette, with even plenty of options for vegetarians. Some foods were foreign to me such as the "Scottish Langoustine," which after researching, I discovered is a type of lobster. I would have tried it all!
While I'm sure everything tasted great, some may have had additional health benefits than others. All of the foods that contained fish had the benefit of omega-3 fats which are good for your heart. Fruits and vegetables seemed to be prepared so uniquely that even children would find one of those treats tasty.

What was most intriguing to me were the desserts. WIth so many options, I'm sure it would have been hard to choose. Most probably made a beeline for the beautiful 8-tiered wedding cake, usually one of my favorite moments of the wedding reception. In this case, the bride chose all 8 layers to be made out of fruit cake. I love chocolate, however, and I would have chosen the "chocolate biscuit cake" which was a special request of the Prince, supposedly his mother's favorite.

With the weekend winding down, and people returning to their normal lives, I will embark on my own journey in writing this blog while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enjoy wedded bliss. A toast to the happy couple: Congratulations! 

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