Monday, September 26, 2011


Friday marked the first day of fall, but in my hometown, it still feels like summer. Temperatures reached a 100 degrees over the weekend causing my air conditioning to work overtime.

Reflecting on my summer, I am sad to see it end. Recently, I was able to enjoy time with close friends when I took a girls weekend to Florida. While I love being married, I miss girl time and would love to do this every year! Visiting West Palm Beach was the relaxing trip I needed. The view of the ocean was beautiful and the smell of saltwater filled the air. We also had a chance to make a quick trip to Miami to check out Versace's old mansion and take in the view, food, and fun! While we may have overindulged on food and drinks, we definitely had a good time. Moderation is always the key! Goodbye was fun while it lasted, but I look forward to cooler temperatures and falling leaves!

Miami Beach

Our Resort with a view of the beach!

West Palm Beach
The Fountain at Versace's House

Insider's View of the Versace Mansion
One of the rooms on the second floor is Madonna's!

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